According to the Member’s Handbook, non-members

October 21, 2011


81, North 54 Street

Clewiston, Florida, 03247

(328)-421 0569.

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I hope that you will agree with me that my family and I have had a spotless record with the Yacht Club all these years that we have been members. I would, however, at this time like to make a suggestion regarding a policy that is currently in place.

According to the Member’s Handbook, non-members are not allowed on any club-owned boats. I want to suggest that we amend this rule to state that non-members be allowed on if club members register them as guests and make sure that there are members present during the sail. I bring this up because I will be having some distant relatives over in the next few weeks and really want to show them the amenities that we have been enjoying with the club. Moreover, this may just encourage other non-members to sign up.

I hope that you will consider this request of mine and look forward to hearing back from you. Thank you.



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