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October 17, 2011

Rony Conrad

1902, X Street, Madison Avenue

Los Angeles, CA-90001

Los Angeles, CA-90001

(123) 456-7890
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Dear Rony Conrad,

We are writing because we have noticed that you failed to renew your expired Club Voila membership. We want you to know that we value all of our members. We do not want to lose your membership. You are one of the vital reasons that the club is thriving and lively. We will surely miss your presence. We also do not want you to miss all of the privileges that only members can enjoy. Your years of membership have given you the chance to enjoy everything that Club Voila has to offer. We have new offers for our members this year. It would be such a waste if you will not be able to enjoy those as well.

We are giving you this final chance to process the renewal of your membership. Enclosed with this letter is a form. All you have to do is to fill that up, send it back to us, and we will process your renewal. We are also enclosing a list of all the privileges that you will enjoy as a member, including the new ones for this year.

We are hoping that you will send this form back as soon as you can. Club Voila is just not the same without you.



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