Student Goodbye Letter

Linda Richardson, Teacher, Green International School, New York-11701 June 10, 2011 Dear Madam, It has been so long since you are teaching me in the school. This is my last standard in this school and after this I will have to take admission in another school. I have already appeared the examination. So I would … Read more

Goodbye Letter to Government

Robert Williamsons, President, Williamsons and Brothers Inc, Washington-99006 June 10, 2011 Federal Government, Urban Development Department, Washington Dear Sir/Madam, I with this letter would like to thank you to the federal government once again for showing its interest in our company for the construction of Flyover Bridge in the city. We were given this project … Read more

Goodbye Letter To Sister

Mr. Nissim Kunderan Tallakulam, Madurai Tamil Nadu March 17, 2010 Ms. Purvi Kunderan Prince Road, Moradabad Uttar Pradesh Dear sister, Mother has told me the news that you will be leaving your university soon to work abroad.  Congratulations on getting a job so soon and one that would allow you to travel to another country.  … Read more

Goodbye Letter To Neighbor

Ms. Purnima Manchapora Kamarajar salai, Madurai Tamil Nadu April 21, 2010 Mr. Nishad Kunal Kamarajar salai, Madurai Tamil Nadu Dear Mr. Kunal, You have been a great neighbor to us and I want to personally say goodbye to you through this letter.  Our family will be leaving town to move abroad because I have been … Read more

Emotional Goodbye Letter

Robert Smith 46, Gandhinagar Enclave New Delhi Dear Robert, How are you? I hope you are happy without me because that’s what u wanted. Thank you for everything, for all the time we spent together, for giving me so many memories that I’ll cherish all my life. I’m sorry if I’ve done anything to hurt … Read more

Goodbye Cover Letter

Mr. Harris Utting, Supervisor Kotak Company Inc 164a, Mayor Street, Central London, England Dear Harris, Hope this letter will find you in good spirits? Though I have submitted my official resignation but I just want to again bring to your notice that I won’t be joining you all for work from tomorrow. I have really … Read more

Goodbye Letter To Boyfriend

Ronald, 26, Ameerpet Apartment Hyderabad. Hello Ronald, How are you? I hope you are doing good. Hold your breath because I don’t think your going to be happy about what I’m going to tell you. Ronald I don’t love you anymore. We are done! You’re special but I’m sorry I can’t go ahead with this … Read more

Goodbye Letter Template

Recipient’s name: Recipient’s address: Date: Dear (name), As some of you may already know, today is my last day as a teacher in (name of school or any other organisation). I just wanted to take out some time to thank all of you for your support and love during my stint here. I would especially … Read more

Goodbye Letter Format

Recipient’s name: Recipient’s address: Date: Dear (name), Today is my last day at Springtown Complex and I wish to bid goodbye to all of you before I leave for Colorado tomorrow. (The first paragraph should be short and to the point. Do not digress unnecessarily and give information about what is your last day and … Read more