Tips For Writing an Effective Hardship Letter

Letter of financial hardship, as the term suggests, is written at times of a financial crisis when you are not being able to pay your dues in time and is in huge debt. It is written to lenders requesting for leniency and extension of deadline.

A few tips are given below:

  • Write the letter with a formal tone. You need not sound as if you feel sorry for yourself. This invites a negative air.
  • Make sure to show a way on how you are planning in paying your dues if your request is granted.


Sample letter of financial hardship


Ben Maxime
Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island
C1A 7L9


Dear Mr. Maxime,

I write this letter to explain you the cause for my missed payment of my bills. And also to request you to expand my deadline to some extend.

I have recently recovered by father from a severe road accident. The hospital bills made me empty my pocket wholly. But, since he is completely out of danger now, I have no regrets.

I do not have any deposits left with me. But since I have my job with me I will recover everything soon.  So with great hope I request you for a reconsolidation of my debt. Please feel free to contact me incase you come out with another alternative.



Nick Harris

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