I graduated from the Greening Law University

October 3, 2011


1234, West 67 Street

Carlisle, MA 01741

(123)-456 7890.

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Good day! My name is Lorie Madden and we met a few months ago at the Charity Auction that was held by Turner Associates at the Sherrington Hotel. During that time, you said that you owned your own legal office down in Trenton. I too am a lawyer, specializing in Administrative Law and am looking for a new career opportunity. I was hoping that you may have a position open in your firm that I could apply for.

I graduated from the Greening Law University with top honors. I did my apprenticeship with the John & Johnston law firm in Summerfield and since then have been employed with Rutgers Law Associates.

Should there be no openings in your office, I would really appreciate it if you could refer me to someone I could speak to in your area. You can get in touch with me via phone at 333-3333 or send me an email at [email protected] Thank you in advance for your time and efforts.



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