Dream Catcher

Dear Sanjay,

It has almost been four months since I met that person online that truly took my heart away, but now it seems that it was more than that … as time flies faster, it’s getting deeper and greater. We’ve continue communicating and fixed a regular chatting schedule once a week just to share each other’s thoughts and dreams. We even manage to send mails and off-line messages. Once we’ve get a chance, we love to call each other whenever possible and that makes the relationship stronger, giving me the thoughts that it will definitely last forever, even if sometimes I am thinking that distance would be of great hindrance, to destroy us.
I love the way you put in every effort that you can just to make everything work for us. With just the thought that somebody like you would always be there to lend me some of his time just to make me happy and complete is incomparable. I really appreciate that, even though there are times when things are getting rough with our lives. I am not sure how long will you be there for me, but I just wish it would be forever.
You are my fantasy, my love, and my dream. I am scared that things would soon be over for both of us, because I am not sure if ever I can withstand it. I am so used to having you in my life now. You make everything worth while, you make me believe in dreams, that they are really free and that getting a hold of them is only a matter of faith, persistence and confidence.
Thanks for everything. Thank you for giving me a chance to meet and love a dreamer that has been there all the while. I am wishing I can always catch you, hoping never to lose you, and make everything into reality soon.

Love Always,


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