My Love For You

June 26, 2011

Dear Sweety,

I know sometimes we fuss and fight, I know sometimes things don’t go right, I know sometimes I can frustrate you, and I know sometimes you get me mad. I know that you’re my better half, I know without you I’m incomplete, and I know that tomorrow you won’t be here with me, but Baby, you know that no matter what, you will always have a key to my heart.
We might be miles away for a while, I might not get to see you smile or hear you laugh or even watch you sleep, but Darling, you know that the true test of love is distance, for it’s said that distance brings people closer together.
I know that even if I have to shed a tear every day until you come back; I will. If I have to hide myself from the world; I will. I will do anything I can just to make sure that when you come back to me you know my love is pure and true.

Love always,


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