What are you seraching for i.e. my love:

June 24, 2011

To my beloved prince of my heart & soul “Naresh Sharma”,
Look into my eyes you’ll see what you mean to me search your heart-search your soul & when you find me there, you’ll search me no more. Don;t tell me its not worth trying for you can;t tell me its not worthing for you,know its true, Everything I do-I do it only for you not for other guys.There’s nothing to hide.Take me as I’m take my life I’d give it all I’d sacrifice.Don’t tell me its not worthtrying.I want more ya know its true.There’s is no love like you & no oyher could give more love as like you.There’s now here unless you’re there all the time all the way don’t tell me its not worthtrying for.I can’t help it there’s nothing I want more.I would fight for you.I’d life for you walk the wire for you-ya I’d die for you ya I love you so much my prince & soul of my heart.I can’t live without you.You’re my everything heartbeat my soul,my spirit,my voice,eyesight,life,an addicted to my prince,don’t leave me.also don’t petray me.I love you so much deeper & wider than the galaxy.I love you more than the life, I’m so crazy over you.I love you so much babe.
Always I’m your’s lovely life
Pritilagna Das.


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