I love you sooo much…

June 24, 2011

Dear Nouel,

How is my baby doing? I hope you are good and safe out there!! I miss you like crazy and i’m counting the days til I see your handsome face again…AWww it fell like years but I know you are coming home soon and i wish it were sooner.. I miss your @ss so much… I been thinking a lot about us… How we grow to LOVE each other so distance.. Is amazing how two ppl can fall in love in two different part of the world.. I never want to stop fallling for you, you are one of a kind… You are something else.. I don’t want nothing to change about us but to love you more and more… You don’t have to ever worry about us baby Ima be here for you and shower you with happiness and love… Treat you like the king you are!! You are the only one that makes me feel this way… There’s so much love in this heart that’s waiting to bust when you come home… Baby i swear on my life I LOVE YOU so much this love is so true and you will see it when you are here with me… Believe all the words that i speak and feel my love growing within your soul cuz you are the man i want to spend the rest of my life and if the day I stop loving you… is the day i take my last breath] You are my dreams, My heart, my soul, my everything!! I fell in love with you the day i met you and at that moment I knew you are the man that will steal my heart forever.. And you did!!! Never give it back is your to keep forever…Baby… I can still feel the wonderful feelings you left in my heart when you left to go to iraq.. The time we had was so amazing something i wll treasure for all my days and never let it go… cuz you have shown me to love again…. I thought i ran out of love but you baby… you have fill it with so much love.. A new kind of love i never felt before… You open my heart to believe again and together we’ll always be one… Nothing and no one can’t stop me from loving you… We are strong together and we can fight all the bad and hates that’s going to come our way but you… baby… I feel nothing but good with you!!! Whenever you are feeling lonely… just remember i’m with you … in your heart] I love you always and forever muazzz be safe baby and take care…..


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