Why did you choose me?

June 24, 2011

I’ve been wondering every since we started going together why did you choose me, and why are you with me? I wonder why? And now that i have been with you for 8 months now i still have no answers or hints. I even ask my self why you chose me. All i got is your love and you got mine. When i look at you i see how much i love you. It took me a while to say that i love you. You knew i did. Didn’t you? When i ask myself do i trust you i look and say you haven’t gave me any reasons not to. I was so happy that you said yes when i asked you can we go out again. I told myself i made a stupid mistake. I thought you were going to say no but i figured you loved me. Which you do. Sometimes i think we don’t deserve each other. But i say what am i thinking heks yea we do! Somedays i might not say i love you, but as days and weeks go by, my love grows. I thank God that you are in my life and you got my back. I hope you feel the same with me. Javian, you are my world that’s around me i am happy we are together. Stay with meand we are going to hit the future. I can give you what you want and that love. You already got that from me what else do WE need. I love you very much.


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