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October 17, 2011


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Re: Protect our Resources PSP

Where do our children lean how to save our wildlife, our water bodies , and our forests ? Not in schools! Sometimes children in school learn something about saving the environment, it is mainly in a non-formal way outside traditional classrooms. Every year, many volunteers for the program Protect Our Resources Program (PSP) work in order to fill the gap and teach the awareness to students in the region,

The Protect our Resources PSP is feeling good while announcing the start of its 15th year of contribution towards making the environmental education available to all the students of California, new York, and Seattle. Thanks to this program, students are given the opportunity to take part in fun learning exercises while they become aware of the environmental issues, they also learn how to save our drinking water resources, our wildlife, our forests and the air we breathe. Also we are planning to continue this mission of spreading environmental awareness among the youth, but to make it a success we need some help from you!

Protect our Resources PSP is now a days looking for contributions from local people who have a good understanding of the crucial environmental problems and who would also be willing in order to support us. Your tax-deductible contribution of $55 or more will help us to fund our educational trips and provide learning material to the students that we will teach them some good conservation strategies. Each student you help us educate today will become tomorrow’s legislator who will be working to support pure and clean water and air.

We are highly grateful for your contribution. Kindly make your payment to Protect our Resources PSP. Attached is an envelope for your ease. Thank you for contributing to promote some environmental awareness! Actually we just need to begin our first summer educational tour, so we would be grateful to receive your gift by April 12.

If you can’t send $55 this time, you please send us just $30, this will definitely put fuel in the bus in which we will take the students for a trip to Conneaut Lake in July!



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