I am hoping that you will be enjoying

October 17, 2011


2365 S Mayfield Ave

Chicago, IL 60652

Cell: (123)-555-1234

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Dear [Recipients Name],

I am hoping that you will be enjoying the Jenna Center for the Art colorful calendar that we had sent you some days ago. This calendar also lists all the coming events for the next session and contains many coupons for almost all the businesses in this area. We sent you the calendar as a vote of thanks for our many buddies and contributors like you who have always helped us in supporting this kind of nice range of cultural shows that we have been making for the public.

We also work to keep the admission rates for singers, plays, concerts, and drama as low to really encourage all the people to come out and watch what we offer in the classical entertainment. Apart from this, what we charge does not actually cover the maintenance expenses like heating ,lighting, programs, cleaning, printing , etc. Hiring the quality musicians and entertainers also creates additional expenses.

American Players’ performances of “The Midwinter’s Group” last month had a huge success and we had audience more than our seating capacity. But, the charges of such a nationally recognized group of American actors, along with the maintenance cost, has created the first real deficit. This is the reason why we are quite happy while telling you about a new and amazing boost to our yearly Jenna Center for the Art Fund raising campaign.

We have also been suggested a way to double every gift that is given to us. Several companies in our area have joined their resources to create an Arts Fund in order to support all the major cultural events in the area. They have suggested us that they can match, a dollar-for-a dollar, each contribution that will be sent to us this year for fund drive. Therefore, we would also like to ask if you can repeat the $75 gift you sent us previous year, which can contribute to a total sum of $150 to us. If possible, kindly send your check by May 29, so that we would be able to make plan for our winter program without any tension about the finances again.

We also want to give you a vote of thanks for your humble support, and we hope that you know, being a star member of the Jenna Centers for the Art, you are just not only qualified to an annual calendar, but also a 55% off on all upcoming new performances. Attached is your admission letter, which gives you a 55% relaxation in ticket cost for all the events next year. Also attached is an envelope for you so that you can send us your valuable contribution so make out your check to the “Jenna Center for the Art” today?

We thank you again for your contribution in promoting and uplifting the growth of such entertainment in the region.

If you cannot send us $75 now, please send us at least $50. You can always use your provision card, giving you to a 55% off on all the tickets to all coming up events.



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