The money raised will go into the Moral Fund

October 17, 2011


14, East 19 Street

Brighton, NY, 03267

(618)-461 1055


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Our military families live daily with sacrifices most of us will never know. Children deal with long periods away from deployed fathers. Mothers and wives deal with filling the role of “single moms”. Parents, brothers, and sisters worry about their active duty family member serving in demanding situations. Isn’t it time we gave something back?

Show your support of our military families this Saturday when at the Jones Air Force Base Bizarre. Booths and tables of wares will be available for browsing and of course, shopping.

Plan to make a day of it as there will be food and music as well as other entertainment.

The money raised will go into the Moral Fund which helps families with financial difficulties and/or emergency situations they face when their spouse is away. It will also go toward “Family Moral Days” like squadron picnics and children’s holiday parties throughout the year.

It’s a day of fun and festivities celebrating our military families! We hope to see you there!



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