Fund raising Donation Letter Sample

05 March 2006


Mr. Dennis Mark,

1-8/8A, Baker Street,


Dear Mr. Mark,

Hi. I am Yuri Gagarin and I am a volunteer with Deserve Charitable Trust. I am with this non profit organization since last year.
We are collecting funds for the redesign of the homes for the poor. Earlier we had done the same for a smaller group of people. This year we are doing this at a large scale. We are having media coverage and major newspapers are covering the whole event. There is assured publicity for the event. Also major sponsors get to speak on the event. In this regard we request you to contribute your might for the noble event and help us. For donations please contact the nearest office or call our volunteers for more information.

Thanks and regards,
Yuri Gagarin,
Deserve Charitable Trust,
M: 02489998746


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