Donation Letter Sample

June 9, 2011

21 March 1999


Mrs. Nancy Baker,

9-5-9, South Kansas City,

South Kansas

Dear Mrs. Baker,

Hi. I am Keith Robinson. I am a high school student and am collecting donation for Christmas for the poor along with a few of my classmates.
Every year during Christmas, my classmates and I go to the areas of poor kids and distribute basic amenities to them. The basic amenities include food items, clothes, books and a few goodies for the festival. We generally contribute as much as we can save during the year for this event. However we are falling short of funds for this year’s festival. In this regard I request you to contribute anything that you think is the right amount for this noble deed. It is not a huge event so any kind gesture from you would be welcome.

Thanks and regards,
Keith Robinson,
[email protected]


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