When I first learned about this two months ago

October 6, 2011

Alyssa Bethenny Lachey
56 Thomas Apartments, Happy Street, New York, 52364

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Dear Alyssa Bethenny Lachey,

My daughter has been undergoing tennis training with you for the last 4 months on a daily basis. However, I have come to the knowledge that you have been teaching her nothing different from what you first started out with in your very first day of training.

When I first learned about this two months ago, I was given the reassurance that this is all part of her training. I obliged and let the training commence. However, it has already been four months and my daughter has yet to learn how to receive or even serve a tennis ball. I am under the impression that I may be wasting my money on lessons which have not been of any help to my child at all.

Now, I may be no athlete but I know that by now, she should already have made some sort of progress. I would be very grateful if we could possibly set up a meeting to clear up these issues soon lest I be compelled to pull her out of training altogether.



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