As you are no doubt aware the Winston Attorney’s

October 4, 2011

Jack Martinez
456, X Street, Y Avenue,
Fillmore, UT-84631
(123) 456-7890


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Dear Jack Martinez,


As you are no doubt aware the Winston Attorney’s Association is hosting a sub-committee from the office of the Commissioner for Crime next month. I will require your assistance in preparing the itinerary for the tour we plan to take them on. The duties I am assigning you include:

I would recommend that you consult with the Commissioners’ head of security for advice regarding items 2 through 5. Should you require clarification regarding items 1 and 9, please see me. I will require regular progress reports over the next few weeks and a final report on February 13.

Until all the details are taken care of and plans in place this project is your priority. Thank you.



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