You may have for possible solutions or measures

July 29, 2011

Rony Conrad

1902, X Street, Madison Avenue

Los Angeles, CA-90001

Cel:-(123) 456-7890


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Dear Rony Conrad,

Looking at the time-in reports of all employees for the previous months, I am deeply concerned that there appears to be higher incidences of tardiness. I understand that traffic has become quite heavy because of the repairs being done on the freeway; however, I hope that we can all be proactive in finding solutions for this and making sure we still get to work on time. Please remember that we are all expected to be in our offices, ready to work at 8:00 am sharp.

I am open to any suggestions you may have for possible solutions or measures that can be adopted to solve this problem. You can always come talk to me in my office or bring your ideas to light during our morning meetings.

I hope that this does not evolve into a more serious issue and that we can all learn to comply with company rules without having to undergo disciplinary measures. Thank you.


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