Oceans Away

June 26, 2011

Dear Paul,
you will never going to read this i hope, but i have been in love with you for a year now. i knew it when i first heard you voice, saw your face, looked into your green eyes, when i saw the smile that made me giddy and my heart melt. you had such an effect on me, i would drop anything and everything if i could and run into your arms so i could stay there forever. your my best friend, you get me.
but you have a girlfriend. reka’s name used to make my ears bleed. i would be pleading inside when you mentioned her to just stop because i was in so much pain. you used me, stung me along and i hate you for that. you never mentioned this girl until you were gone from my reach. i couldnt see how you were gone before i even got there. she is there, down the street and i am oceans away. how can i compete? you told me you loved me, you said you wanted to hug me so bad, you said you would be there, you hate hurting me. eventhough i have moved on and dont think about you or dream of you anymore, i still love you, and i always will. and i wish i could tell you. thats the part that hurts the most, you dont even know that you are killing me inside. you are so nice and loving and funny and i just really love you. but i love you so much that if reka makes me happy then i wish you the best. i can live with a broken hart if you are happy. but the moment there is no longer love please come back to me because i will love you, i will love you for as long as my heart is beating.
love, your soul mate


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