Please, try to do exactly what Jesus would have done

October 17, 2011

Joseph Hall
1902, X Street, Madison Avenue,
Los Angeles, CA-90001
(123) 456-7890

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Dear Joseph Hall,

“The more it is done for my fellow brethren, the more it is done for me.” Matt 24:39

When I tend to think about the all the kinds of hungry children of this world, I am always reminded of the main question that Jesus’ disciples used to ask Him: “How could we actually buy bread so that these people could eat?”

That’s the basic question that actually led to the foundation of Feed To Needy Foundation.

For 35 years our NGO has worked tirelessly and continuously to actually feed the destitute in this world. Not that only do we try to provide food for ones who are destitute, we also build small, and good quality homes for them. We also provide them with all kinds of medicine and other medical equipment, educational tools, and also much more.

Since it was founded, the Feed To Needy Foundation has actually given about $800 million in real aid. More than 80 cents of each dollar which is donated to this charity actually goes for the programs serving the destitute.

I therefore, invite you to actually try to replicate what Jesus would have done and thus eliminate all the kinds of suffering of a destitute mother who actually really wanted to feed her kids. Please Help us now in providing milk for her kids…

You too can save kids of Libya who get to eat very less, or even bring some hope to all those thousands of people who struggle to educate, feed and also minister to all our desperately and badly poor brethren of poor countries.

It would only cost five cents to actually provide a small amount of this liquid for a destitute child. Your small gift of $20 will help buy milk for 200 kids! $40 will actually supply milk for 400 children! And thus imagine what actually a gift of $60 or $90 will really mean to all those hundreds of kids and also their mothers.

Please, try to do exactly what Jesus would have done and thus reduce the sufferings of a destitute mother who actually desperately wants to actually feed her kids. Please Help us now to help provide some amount of milk for her kids… I am a server of the destitute.

P.S. We possess the power to help somebody. So be like Jesus and try to donate in charity


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