Every sympathy to the family

September 25, 2011

Austin Parker

123, X Street, Y Avenue

Manhattan, NY-10009

Cell:-(123) 456-7890



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Dear Austin parker,
Every member of staff here at Crispin’s seek to honor the memory of our founding father, James Crispin. Mr. Crispin is in our eyes the greatest businessman this nation has ever produced.

It is the inspiration and drive of Mr. Crispin that forged our company, and it was he more than anyone who helped create our worldwide reputation. Mr. Crispin was a perfectionist and demanded the same standards from all of our products.

As a company we would offer every sympathy to the family of Mr. Crispin, at this time of their loss. We would offer our promise that the memory of Mr. Crispin will continue to be honored in everything we do, and the person who tries to replace Mr. Crispin will have a lot to live up to. Mr. Crispin touched everyone he came into contact with and he will never be forgotten, and we hope that this is in some way a small measure of comfort to you.


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