Replacement procedure

August 9, 2011


6901 West Main 26 Street

Urbana • Illinois, 61801

Cell: 257-409-8975


[Subject: Normally bold, summarizes the intention of the letter] -Optional-

Dear Jimmy ortan,

There’s some news for you, some good news.

Matt Bell has been representing your account since three years. I think you’ll be happy to know that Matt is all set to work with Logibank as an investment banker. His outstanding performance at our place has carried him to a new level.

Thus, Matt will not be available at your service from now onwards but our healthy working relationship will remain uninterrupted.

We are feeling happy to introduce Bratt Bell in the process. He’ll be looking after your account. Bratt has already proven himself as a regional manager of our company, Fujibank. (His qualifications and achievements have to be listed)

I do not want this replacement procedure to be an exhaustive one for you. So, I would prefer to introduce Bratt to you personally. I will contact you to make a suitable appointment.


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