Sample Credit Report Dispute Letter

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Dear Sir/Madam:

I had recently received a copy of the credit report bearing account number 55555 from your esteemed agency and found that the following item had an error:

Item 1: I dispute BCH credit card account number 55555. This account has been paid in full. Where as the report says that there is a pending amount on that account.
I request you to look into the matter and solve the problem at the earliest since it is causing me a lot of botheration.
I hereby request you to look into the matter and resolve this problem as soon as possible. I am hoping that such kind of a problem will not repeat in future because of your high reputation of your company.
I am requesting that the item be removed and you also to correct the information.
I have also enclosed a copy of my bank statements and also the cheque numbers of my account to prove my statement. I hope you resolve this matter as soon as possible and send me an updated and rectified report.
David Balham.

Enclosures: Bank Documents and cheque numbers.


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