Credit Card Transaction Dispute Letter

June 8, 2011

Charles Mathews

Flow Residency, 64

Artificial Lake Street,

Florida 69.

Phone: 99999999
Axed Bank

Dustan mailing Street


Dear Axed Bank,

I am bringing to your notice an item which is incorrect on my statement which has been issued to me on 22-March-2010.

The item states that I have failed to make the full payments on my account. But I have cleared all the outstanding amounts on my account. I don’t understand how this problem occurred.

I have hereby enclosed copies of my bank statements and also the cheque numbers to support my statement.

I request you to look into this problem as soon as possible and make sure you rectify the mistake as soon as possible. Considering the reputation of your bank I am quite sure that you will give the top most priority to my problem and resolve it

I am hoping that such kind of problem will not occur in the future. I request you to send the credit report only after thoroughly checking the matter from now on.

Please update me with a new credit record immediately.

Mr. Charles Mathews

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