Credit Report Dispute Letter Template

June 8, 2011

Your Address:

To whom so ever it may concern,

I am witting this letter with reference to the inaccurate information and the errors given in the Credit Report Number ( Mention the card number   ) which you have issued on (Date)

In a very good hope I request you to kindly change the following items of my credit report which has been misrepresented.

1.Auto Loan from (_________________), has been completely repaid on (_________). Where as on the other hand the report which has been issued by you states that the loan is not totally repaid as yet.

2.The payment of my bill of my credit card issued by (_______________), has been paid completely and also along with the late payment charges. But in contrast, your credit report states that the payment is not made.

I am hoping that you will be able to look into the mentioned problems as soon as possible and I hereby request you that the necessary processes should be started making it the highest priority.

As a support to my statement, I have also attached some copies of my acknowledgements and bank statements from the company of my credit card c.

I request you to rectify the errors at the earliest possible time. And I also hope that the above errors do not repeat once again.
Thanking You,

Yours Sincerely,
Your Signature


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