Confirmed Letter of Credit

June 9, 2011

Invoice Number: 17234

Reference No: 235

Date: 21-September-2009

Mr. John Wright

National Exports & Co.

Virginia- 38.

Dear Mr. John Wright,

We are very happy to receive the confirmed letter of credit from you. Hope you have read the terms and conditions carefully before issuing it, and we feel you have paid attention at the amendments we have made on your request.
I would like to take your attention towards the fact that the letter of credit you have issued is an irrevocable letter of credit which makes it a legal agreement and you will have to pay the stated money within the stipulated time at any cost. Failing to which you will have to face the legal consequences, hope you won’t strain us that much. It was an honor to serve you. We regret any inconvenience caused to you. We look forward to render our services to a valuable customer like you.

Thanking you
Mr. Kevin Muller.


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