Credit Reference Letter


Mr. Shabbir Ali

Kolkata, WB

Subject:  Credit Reference Letter

Dear Sir,

This gives me immense pleasure that you are helping so many young guys in building their new enterprises at this locality. I personally believe that they are having astonishing potential and are really in a position to bring about desired changes if their energies and intentions are properly motivated. In the process of doing such miracles I have seen their only impediment is the lack of required capital. You will appreciate, without having a smooth fund flow no activity can succeed. Here in my locality, Mr. Paul is a young and energetic man I know and the activity ha has started is also very noble one.
As a matter of fact, you deserve some support and guarantee while extending monetary support to some unknown person. Here, in case of Mr. Paul, please accept my reference as a guarantee towards repayment of the credit amount to you as per your terms and conditions.

Manav Saleem


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