Credit Deletion Letter

June 9, 2011


Mr. Arun Das

39, Rajiv Gandhi Lane

Kolkata, WB

Subject: Credit Deletion Letter

Dear Sir,

With reference to our series of letters in recovering our long pending dues with you, today we are going to inform you some extremely favorable decisions of the Management Committee taken towards settlement of very old and small dues. In the meeting dated 31.03.2010 the committee has opined that all our receivables of older than ten years and amount less than 1000/= rupees will be deleted from our demand list. As such, we find that there are two such entries with you in our books of account and the same may now be treated as deleted.
At the same time we request you to improve your payment terms and also pay attention that the small dues are not carried forward years after years only due to lack of proper attention. The matter should be properly noted for our healthy future transactions and good gestures.

Thanking you
M/s Sanjay Industries


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