Credit Repair Letter

Date: 22-April-2010
Name: Mr. Charles
22 Collins Road,

Kingfisher Street,
New Jersey 75.

Code: 223355

Service Department
Cox and Swiss Finance
West Menshire,

Kingfisher Street, New Jersey 75.

Dear Sir/Madam,

In my credit report which I have received, I noticed some information that is in accurate. Hence I have attached a copy of the credit report and highlighted the in accurate information. I have also enclosed a copy of the correct information about myself.
Keeping in mind all the requirements of the “Fair Credit Reporting Act” of 1996, I would like you to correct all my information that is incorrect and false.
As predetermined in the above act, I would like you to inform me as and when the changes have been completed and provide me with a new and corrected credit report without any additional cost since the mistake id from your end..

Mr. Charles


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