Rental Cancellation Letter

Ms. Pankti Durmada

Mathura Road, New Delhi 110003

January 16, 2010

Mr. Lavana Hazare

Hazare Apartments

Joka, Kolkata – 700 104

Dear Mr. Hazare,

I am writing to you to notify you that I am cancelling my scheduled rental of one of your cars next week.  My trip to Calcutta has been rescheduled due to changes in the schedule of my partners and the persons we are supposed to meet in Calcutta.  Since I am not sure whether I will be continuing the trip at a later date, I will not reschedule the rental at the moment.  I will contact your company if I will be in need of your rental services in the future.

Please be informed that I will be paying for the fine that is specified in your policy for cancellation of rentals.  I will send the payment as soon as I receive your letter confirming my cancellation.

Thank you and I wish your company all the best.


Ms. Pankti Durmada


Downloand Rental Cancellation Letter In Word Format

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