Rental Agreement


House No.-2-2-647/28

Road No.-7

Banjara Hills


Andhra Pradesh

Respected Sir,

I have read your rental agreement letter and the content of it is perfectly acceptable to me and I have no other queries regarding that .As far as collection of rent is concerned, if you can give me your account number I will deposit the amount directly to your account reducing your strain, or if you would like to collect it personally I oblige your request.

Regarding the hike of the rent after the agreed period is not conveyed clearly by the agreement so if you would take the strain of clarifying that point I will visit the advocate and get it changed so that we can have last look at it and get it authorized.

Hence I conclude respectfully assuring you that I will be one of the best tenants ever and my tenancy will not pester or cause inconvenience to you at any time.

I will wait for your clarification asked above.

Thanking you,

Yours sincerely



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