first love

June 24, 2011

dear joey,
i wonder if you know that you are my first boyfriend, and my first love. you have many girlfriends before i know. but that dosent matter. because i know that you love me. when we first started dating i wasn’t so sure. but then one day, i saw you just staring at me and smiling. that was when i knew that i loved you. i was filled with this amazing sensation so wonderful it is imposible even to describe.
and now you are mine, and i love you sooo much. you never leave my mind and when i close my eyes all i see is your face, and that beautiful smile you gave me that told me that you really loved me.
it’s soo amazing and i never want it to end.
i feel blessed when i’m with you.
i’ll love you until the sky bursts into flame and falls like rain,
~ Blessed


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