I Love You Forever

Dear Josh,

It has been the most amazing 5 months of my life and I’ve already done things I have yet to actually realize. We have come a very long way and stuck by each other’s side through a lot of pain. You have shown me what its like to love and be loved and that’s my happiness. It’s all I need to have the most amazing life I can possibly have, and thank you for it.

You’ve helped me understand a lot of things people don’t think I understand or think that I’m allowed to understand which is what is making me a very strong person. I have a lot more respect for love and people who have it. To be mature, you have to be an adult. But to be in love, you have to be nothing but a human being with a heart. That is very much true. No ones parents should prevent their children from falling in love with someone because of their age and it’s not allowed. You can’t stop love, and you defiantly shouldn’t put your own feelings on hold because someone is telling you “You’re not allowed to love him because you’re too young.” I love you and I’m not going to be putting my feelings on hold to wait until my mom thinks its okay to love you. You are everything to me, my life really, and I’m not going to give that up. I can’t live without a life.

Honey, you are one of a kind and how people can say the things they do about you is beyond me. I don’t understand why people don’t see you the way I do. In my eyes, you are the most amazing person. You understand me and care about me more than anyone else has ever even thought about. You are so caring, and wonderful. You’re lovely. We have a healthy relationship that is going to last a life time because you and I are willing to work at anything that needs to be worked at. We communicate and even if sometimes it’s hard to tell each other are feelings we still understand them when they aren’t being talked about. We have that being of singing when we’re not talking. We sing love, that song that is stuck in your head and never seems to disappear until you have stopped loving that person. But it never gets boring, never gets old. It has new rhythms every time I see you; it starts over every time I hear you. and it repeats every time I think of you. It’s something I’ve grown too. Something that I adjusted to and I won’t ever leave it.

Josh, we are going to make our lives amazing along with someone else’s. We are going to have an amazing family and an amazing home to live in. I know now that what we have is so very truer because I can see myself in you. I can see us in you, in your eyes. Those beautiful eyes of yours shine every time you look at me, or our eyes meet. It electrifies me – my whole being. I wrote this letter to you from my heart. From mine to yours. I love you, Honey – forever.

Your lovely,


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