how i feel about u!!!!!

June 24, 2011

Dear Montell jefferson
Hey boo!

I gotta be straight up with u, u got me goin crazy. It’s like I can’t even think about anything else but u! I got it bad 4 u. I can’t leave u alone! I try to just leave u alone cause I got a boyfriend, but it seems that my heart is telling me to be with you. It’s like all my heart belongs to u. u just turn me on! The best way I can say this is I got a crush on u. u put the beat in my heart. I gotta have u! I’m not even worried about that little ass girl talking shit because they can’t stop how we feel about each other. I get the chills when I look in your eyes. I wanna be around you every day. I love me some u! the only thing that’s holdin me back from going with u again is you already know how bad I was hurt by Romaine and iv been hurt even more by other boys lately, and I’m just afraid you might do the same thing they did .I’m looking for a long term relationship, to get married, have kids, grow old with that person.
~Love Stacey Smallwood~


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