Prescribed Love

To my gorgeous, sexy, incredible, super sensual, life-long partner in EVERYTHING:

If I could re-live my life, I’d have you to be the only man I ever love – from birth to death – YOU and ONLY YOU! The love that I believe we are meant to share is MAGIC!!! Destiny has it that you and I are to soar beyond ordinary love…and that’s the way it shall be. We’ve been wandering this earth all our lives in search of that one and only mate that God has put here for us. Now, my love, I often wonder if you feel as I do – that our search is over? It seems that we have finally come to the conclusion that you and I are one soul, and just for now, cut in half, only to be joined together on the other side of our hindrances.

My love for you, sweetheart, is eternal – deeply, madly, and truly. I’ve been walking on clouds so much for so long that I feel light-headed. I’ve heard it said by some “out of sight, out of mind”. And I’ve also heard it said that “absence makes the heart grow fonder”. The latter, my dear, is what I firmly believe, for I am living proof…I love you ten times more now than I did just yesterday. I get ecstatic from any form of contact I am blessed to have with you. I need you so close to me that I could explode just thinking about how terribly I miss you. And that’s how much I love you, angel.

With all that is going on – all that’s going wrong in my life, I feel incredible just for having you, as amazing as you are, come into my life as my willful lover, my partner and my friend. It does my heart all the good in the world to see your face light up when I’m in your presence. My love for you is as real as the sunshine, and other than you and God’s love of all his creations, there is NOTHING under the sun or the stars that will eclipse that love.

Practice this line, sweet prince of mine, and memorize it because this is what I want from you when I have the great pleasure to, once again, catch sight of your precious face. I want you to tell me just like this: “I am TOTALLY and COMPLETELY yours, in EVERY way that a human being can possibly give his or herself to another”…because that, my love, is precisely the way I have given myself to you. NO HOLDS BARRED!!! I need to know that your deepest love is 100% mine, and that you trust me to NEVER do anything to hurt you.

We only get one life, baby, and it is too short to take steps like a toddler. Take my hand, lover, and run with me through however many years God will give us to share…

And THAT is how much I love you!!


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