My Darling Love,

June 24, 2011

My Darling Love,

This letter began as a thought in my heart, but the words can’t seem to find the page. Even when I didn’t want to love you, I could only love you more. Loving you has always been easy. Finding the words to express my feelings has always been a challenge to set free from my lips. I have always loved you without reason or expectation, but with purpose. I find happiness in loving you. No distance can ever keep us apart. As I found you once before, love pointed the way to you and my heart followed. I follow my heart still, even though I want to let go sometimes. But, I’ve learned to except your faults and realize that you’re not perfect, and niether am I. We’re perfect when we’re together. When we’re apart, I don’t feel whole. Without you I don’t make sense. We’re meant to be and I know this because it has always been you, even when only love knew you. You are the most beautiful man that I will ever meet. I have loved you all my life, and I will love you for eternity.


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