June 24, 2011


Across all these miles and far into the distance .You are out there somewhere And I wonder what you are doing at this very moment… Are you thinking of me? Have I even crossed your mind? I just wish that I could be near you, Instead of across all these miles. I’m sitting here without you, And I’m thinking about all the things we’ve talked about, I just can’t seem to get you off my mind. In your arms, holding me tight is where I’d like to be, instead across all these miles and far into the distance.

How comforting is my heart when I am by your side. Yet, I can not explain the words that I feel for it is a feeling that I can not describe by words of mouth., but, of words of heart! And this is the way I can tell you how I feel.
Love is the greatest thing I have ever encountered in my entire life and I am so grateful for that love to be yours. You have given me a new feeling inside my heart and also have touched my heart in places that I never knew existed. If I could take my heart from my chest and give it to you I would! Therefore you will have to settle for the heart that I give to you which is the feeling that you feel inside. That is my honest and true love straight from my heart to yours.
Even you are far my face gives to you a warm embracing smile yet, my heart cries out to you not to go. I miss you. I whisper to the wind “I LOVE YOU” hoping that you get the message inside your heart and think of me the same way! I wonder if you think of me half as much as I think of you. I miss you so much.
I love you! I love you more that words can say and more than I can show to you. I hope that you do know that I do love you and feel it in your heart where ever you go. You remain in my heart….my mind…….my soul and my life for all time.
True Love Never Dies it only gets stronger!
I hope that one day I am able to tell you exactly how I feel, maybe that day will never come. Maybe this love I have for you is so powerful that there are no words to describe it.

Forever yours, today, tomorrow and always.


Your Ever
Lasting Love


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