In Your Heart And Dreams Forever

June 24, 2011

Dear Shannon,

I love kissing you, holding you, being with you, looking into your eyes knowing and hoping you feel the same way about me. The feel of your skin is more than I can take; I can’t keep my hands off you! I love you so much, words sometimes cannot express it. Your hugs and kisses I long for. Every moment spent with you is a moment I cherish. You are my night sky. I look to you for everything.

Love and friendship is what I feel with you, it is not just that we are lovers, we are also friends, and that is what makes our relationship much better. The greatest of lovers don’t make the best of friends, remember that, and when there comes a time when you feel that things can’t get any worse, think of me, for I can try my best to bring you all the happiness in the world, Shannon. I grow to love you more and more everyday, and I do not know right now what I would do without you. Sometimes I would like to think my love for you is like a great dream, I don’t want to wake up because I don’t want to lose that love. I will be by your side whenever you need me and I hope I am and always will be in your heart and in your dreams forever. I Love you, Shannon.

Love always,


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