June 28, 2011

Jeremiah my heart how I whish we were still close. How I pray everyday for a new start, how I regret the words that tore us apart. To tell you how I feel I never took the chance how just your smile made my heart skip a beat at just one glance. If before I died God granted me one more deed I would write you a letter that would read.

Dearest love of my life Jeremiah,

I whish I would of told you how much I loved you with all of me. How when even out of elementary school I remember you and thought of you often. How in high school I loved you with all my heart. I was in love with you all four years and after high school. How you made me feel safe, beautiful, loved, honored, appreciated and special. Now I feel regret for the mistake I made in ending our friendship. I hope one day you can find it in your heart to forgive me and accept me as your friend again. Even if we can’t be friends; if you would just forgive me for my immaturity and bad judgment. I could give you a thousand excuses for my action but it really doesn’t matter. If God granted me another opportunity to see you face to face and let you be willing. I’d look you in your eyes and say “Jeremiah I love you, Please forgive me for my mistake. If you never want to see my face again after this I will understand all I ask is that you accept my apology.” So if this letter reaches you at least I can say that before I died I finally told you how I felt and I officially did all I could to get you to understand how very deeply sorry I am and how I truly miss your friendship.



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