I love you no mater what

June 28, 2011

Dear baby ,
Damn have we been through the most unbelivable stuff ever ! Through all the mess that weve goin through i can honestley say that i really do love you and i really would do anything for you , its unbelivable how you could make me so selfless and want to give you more then i have myself! The crazy thing is no matter how much you hurt me or make me cry i will stick up for you and be there for you no matter what , and its all because I love you. No other dude dude can make me feel this way even if they tried our hearts our now connected ! I love you and I know that you have developed hate for me and that you feel like i am a bitch but know that i would never EVER do anything to hurt you , i have never lied to you and i never would ! I hope that oneday you will see how much i really did love you and how much you really did hurt me ! My heart feels as if it is breaking everytime i see how much youre heart is getting coldder and colder towards me but its time to let you go and be strong about that because if this is really ment to be then me and you will be together ! Im lettng go now and I am not looking back you will forever be in my prayers !
Always LovIn


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