Home is where the heart is

June 28, 2011

Dear Levon,

It has been many years since you left me. I still can say that to this day, my heart bleeds an emptiness that forever burns. Ive been so lost and restless. I will never understand why you turned your back to me and left me for another. You had always told me that you couldnt marry someone you didnt love…who is that unloved one? You led me to believe that you didnt love her, and yet…you chose her. All my life everyone I had loved had left me. With you, I was so confident. So secure in the thought of forever. From the moment our lips touched I was fearful. I knew a day would come where you would have to choose. But the way you held unto my hand, the way you cried when I was in pain, the way you embraced my family made me believe you may be for real, so I let my guard down. I opened my heart for the first time in a long time…and you crushed it. God forgive me, I have tried to let you go. To forgive you…but it hurts. They tried to warn me, saying I would get hurt in the end. I didnt believe it to be so. But my Levon jan…you did. You were home to me…I was always your girl…and now without you, I have no door and am left wandering…missing you. God forgive me do I miss you.


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