It will never be the same

June 28, 2011

Dear Rell,
i must first say that i am so deeply sorry for pushing you away. you had my heart for three years. i was and will forever be deeply in love with you.i never meant to do so. i was protecting myself & my heart.. and in the end i messed up && i lost one true love. i don’t blame you for what you did. i never will. i wish i could go back in time && correct all my careless mistakes. i never got a chance to fight for what we had. i hate that about “us” breaking up..i didn’t get a chance to put up a fight for the relationship.. it just slip away right in front of my eyes. there was nothing i could have done. it was already set in motion. i watched the love of my life(you) love another person because i pushed you away. so in return you found someone to confide in. which was “her” i cry every night because i know it’s my were my bestfriend && i acted like you were “always” going to be around. i was so fooled. i wish we can talk && get this thing off of my chest but i know that we can never be again. i had my three years with you && i blow it away like a flame. i know that you feel the same way && wich we can be together again but if it is meant to be…some “girl” or anything can get in the way of us..&& i know in the near future you heart will find itself back to me…before i end this letter..i want you to know that i am truly in love with you Rell…i will always be…you had my heart from the beginning. she can never love you the way that i love you..she can’t even come close.. i know that i am the one who has your heart ..noone can change that..i am so sorry..i know that one day you’ll find it in your heart to forgive me..that’s how i know we are meant to be !!!


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