Course Inquiry Letter

June 17, 2011

Ms. Gulal Kodanda

Kunjaban, Agartala

January 19, 2011

Mr. Naval Mahabala


Sales Trainors Institute


Dear Mr. Mahabala,

I am a fresh graduate of an undergraduate degree in Sales and Marketing and I am interested in your special training course on Current Trends and Techniques in Effective Sales.  I found out about your training course through a friend of mine who works at your institute.  However, he was not very familiar about the details of the course so I am writing this letter to inquire.
I want to find out what are your requirements for those who wish to enroll in the said training course.  I would also like to inquire how many hours a day would the training course require if I enroll.  I am applying for a part-time job to help finance my basic needs and tuition and I would not be able to spend extended hours for the training.
Thank you and I hope for your response on this inquiry soon.


Ms. Gulal Kodanda


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