Termination inquiry letter

June 17, 2011

Ms. Patala Jasmit

Sales Staff

Efficiency Inc.

Mohanpur, Garha
Jalandhar- 144022

May 10, 2010

Mr. Narendra Chiba

Human Resources Officer

Efficiency Inc.

Dear Mr. Chiba,

I received the termination letter from your office yesterday and I would like to inquire about the reasons for my termination.  The letter you sent me was very brief and only stated that I was being terminated due to my poor performance record.
I have been an employee of this company for five years and I believe that I have maintained good work ethics and performance as a sales staff.  I have reported to work regularly and promptly, only coming to work late on several occasions.  I have always done my best in my work and have done my obligations and responsibilities as a sales staff.  I do hope that the reasons for my termination be explained more as I believe that I have done all I can to remain as an employee of this company.
Thank you and I hope for your kind consideration.


Ms. Patala Jasmit


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