Termination Appeal Letter

Ms. Aboli Chirimar


Good Buy Inc.

Park Circus,23 – Darga Road

Kolkata – 700 017

March 16, 2011

Mr. Toshan Ghosal

Human Resources Department

Good Buy Inc.

Dear Mr. Ghosal,

I received the termination letter from your department yesterday and I would like to appeal for your reconsideration about the matter.  I believe that I have maintained a good performance record and have not violated any of the company rules and regulations.

I have performed the duties specified in the job description of my position and I have also achieved excellent results for my effort.  As stated in your termination letter, I am being terminated due to my poor performance and several incidents of tardiness.  My work record would show otherwise and regarding the several incidents of tardiness, these have all been due to reasons that I have formally informed my superior about.  Aside from tardiness, there is no tarnish to my good work ethics.

I appeal to you to reconsider your decision.  I love my job and it is also important for me as sole breadwinner of my family.  Thank you.


Ms. Aboli Chirimar


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  1. Thank you so much for allowing me to revies this sample appeals letter. It helped me out a lot trying to write one of my own. Again Thanks


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