Appeal Letter to Mom

May 7, 2011

anaki Sharma



Dear Mom,

I am fine here and hope the same for you. I am quite aware about the worry I have been causing you these days. Let me assure you that you need be scared about the same.

My daily night outs with my friends have been your concern but you need not worry that much. Things have changed as time has passed and we have to move on with the fast paced things as well. We freak out in the nights but we also concentrate on our studies. It is not good on your part to call my friends’ and ask them not to take me out in the night.

I have grown old now and I can decide what is right and wrong for me. I just want to let you know that I’ll be completely alright with what I do and I assure you that I would pass my high school with flying colors. It would never be a problem for me and my socializing with my friends would never affect my studies. So I please appeal to you not to call my friends to get details about my whereabouts.

Your Loving son,

Marshall Mathews


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