General Termination Letter

June 16, 2011

Ms. Pulak Kumar

Human Resources Officer

Best Sales, Inc.

West Anna Thope Madurai, Tamil Nadu

August 17, 2010

Mr. Niranjan Kandula

Sales Representative

Best Sales, Inc.

Dear Mr. Kandula,

The Human Resources Department hereby informs you that you are being terminated from your position as a sales representative of this company effective two months from now.  We have been following your performance in the past year and have seen a great decline in your performance compared to the past two years you have worked in the company.  You have consistently shown a poor performance every month last year and did not reach the target sales in any of the months.  Aside from this, we have also received a negative report from your team leader about your work attitude and professionalism.  Your record shows that you have been late in reporting to work almost twice every week.  This is in violation of company rules.
Please report to our office if you have any inquiries.  We hope you find another job that suits your credentials.


Ms. Pulak Kumar


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