Conference Inquiry Letter

Prof. Pia Jignesh

Sarvodaya Nagar,

February 22, 2011

Mr. Falak Kodi


Journalism Conference

Tagore Road, Kanpur – 208004

Dear Mr. Kodi,

I have been informed by a colleague of mine in the university that you will be holding a national conference for journalism students two months from now.  My colleague has also told me that you are allowing only a limited number of students per school to participate in the said conference.  I would like to inquire if it is possible to exceed the number of students that you are inviting from our school for the conference.
As a journalism professor, I am very interested in your conference.  I believe that it would be a wonderful venue for journalism students to learn lessons that they could not learn inside the classroom.  It would also be a good way for them to interact and discuss with fellow students in the field.  All my students have expressed their interest in attending the conference and it is difficult for me to choose the handful of students who will participate.

Thank you for your time.

Prof. Pia Jignesh


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