Goodbye Cover Letter

June 16, 2011

Mr. Harris Utting,


Kotak Company Inc

164a, Mayor Street,

Central London, England

Dear Harris,

Hope this letter will find you in good spirits? Though I have submitted my official resignation but I just want to again bring to your notice that I won’t be joining you all for work from tomorrow.
I have really enjoyed working under you for these many years and thanks for all the mutual understanding, guidance, co-operation and the encouragement that you have given to me.
I just want to conclude myself stating that it was really an enriching experience working with you and once again thanks for everything. I just want to wish all the best for our company and staff so that it meets and exceed its targets and hope it will be remain in the top listed companies. I will be always looking forward to your valuable advices even in my upcoming career.
You can contact me at my personal cell phone – 222-436-7777 or can reach my personal email address ([email protected]).

Yours Sincerely

Brandon Smith.


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