Goodbye Letter To Boyfriend

June 16, 2011


26, Ameerpet Apartment


Hello Ronald,

How are you? I hope you are doing good. Hold your breath because I don’t think your going to be happy about what I’m going to tell you. Ronald I don’t love you anymore. We are done!
You’re special but I’m sorry I can’t go ahead with this anymore. Thank you for everything that you’ve done for me, I appreciate it. I tried my best to give ‘us’ another chance but it’s just not working out. I realized that you are not meant for me. You’ve tried your best to make me happy but I never felt happy from within. I always felt something was missing, some connection, some spark and it dawned upon me that we were never meant to be together. You are a very nice guy but you can’t be my guy anymore. I wish you all the happiness in life and I hope you would get a girl that deserves you. Take care. Good-bye.



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